Advisory Benefits

Why You Need an Advisor

  • All privately held, small and middle market businesses should have at least one independent and unbiased advisor! Yet 80% of private businesses operate without one.

    An outside perspective is critical to building the future of any business.  Per a 2017-18 survey conducted by Loadstone Global, 97% of companies with a board/advisor reported increased revenues and 95% reported increased EBIT.  The survey conclusion was that an advisory board, particularly with the right advisors, can be essential to achieving corporate goals and improving profitability. 

    Every company has challenges and opportunities.  An effective advisor can help expand the CEO’s perspective on a situation, range of options available, and style of making and implementing a decision. 

    Leaders of small & mid-market companies are typically resource constrained and are seeing many things for the first time. The right advisors will have multiple experiences relevant to the challenges facing the leadership team as they navigate their company through constant uncharted waters. 

    Some of the top issues facing privately held businesses are:

    • Reality – CEO/Owners may not see their “current reality”
    • Human Nature – big gap between knowing what to do and actually doing
    • Ownership Succession - 83% have no written ownership succession plan
    • Execution of their strategic plans - 90% of plans are not met due to execution
    • People – talent is not matched to strategy and talent development systems are lacking
    • Growth – many experience issues on how to grow revenues and how to innovate
    • Financial – most do not maximize their return on investment or how best to raise funds 

    The right advisor will provide wise and experienced counsel to the Owner/CEO on these top issues. 

    Advisors can also be additive to the business. They bring their network that’s been created through years of work. Advisors provide credibility to outside stakeholders that can be critical in raising capital to fund growth and in attracting top talent to the organization.