Leadership Resolutions for 2019

Posted on: January 30, 2019
Tags: planning, Leadership, Goal Setting

Did you make resolutions for 2019?  Have you made resolutions in past years?  If you have, did you achieve them?  As 2019 gets started, so many of us think about resolutions.  Some estimates indicate 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions.  However, research suggests only 8% of people achieve their goals.  If you’re a leader within an organization, what are you going to work on that will have a positive impact in the company?  What are you going to do to become a better leader?  Then what is going to make you successful so that you’re in the “8% Class”? 

Here are suggestions on how you can improve your leadership by achieving your New Year’s resolutions.


If you’re one that struggles to achieve your goals, I suggest selecting just one goal you really want to achieve.  Keep it to just one to start!  That goal should be simple and specific.  Here are examples:

  • Strategic Plan – establish an overall plan for the company, communicate it to the entire organization, and meet monthly to monitor progress.
  • People Issue – identify the single biggest “people” issue in your organization and eliminate that issue by X date.
  • Develop Subordinates – set up specific development plan and meet with subordinates 2 times per month to assess progress.
  • Strategic Relationships – select 1-3 key relationships to focus on, determine specific intentions for the relationships, and meet with those selected X times during the year.
  • Increase Knowledge – select specific area of learning (examples – leadership, EQ, culture, organizational development) and read 1 book each month on the topic. Implement one idea of knowledge gained from the readings by X date.


Once you’ve selected your goal, at the start of every week decide the specific actions you’re going to take on your goal.  Do this at the same time every week, such as Monday mornings.  Then actually schedule time on your calendar to accomplish the tasks you’ve specified.  Keep these times and don’t allow the daily whirlwind to impact your goal.  During that scheduled time, put your phone away and turn off your emails.  Remember, your goal is important to you!

The most important factor is finding someone to hold you accountable for accomplishing your task.  This is the key to success.  You might ask a board member, a peer, a subordinate, or some other “buddy” to help you stay on track.  Communicate each week with your “buddy” as to whether you accomplished your weekly plan and what you’re going to do next week.  Accountability is the critical element. 


As a leader in your organization, you expect your team members to improve.  You should have the same expectation for yourself.  Specify what you’re going to improve, then follow the above suggestions.  Once you’ve accomplished your goal, then celebrate!  You’re now in the 8% Class.  Then start all over again on your next resolution! 

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