About Us

Integres Is a Unique “Board of Advisors” Firm

We are a unique Board of Advisory firm providing services for small to middle market, family owned and privately held businesses. We have "institutionalized" the approach to board of advisory services.  We work with Owners, CEOs and Management Teams to drive real results.  See why we are Unique.

Our value begins with each of our Advisors.  They possess decades of multi-dimensional, executive level experience across all facets of business.  They have all faced the same challenges you are currently facing and, just as importantly, challenges that you will face in the future.  Each Advisor is supported by our group who bring additional breadth and depth of knowledge to ensure maximum results.

Our Advisors go further into your organization into 6 perspectives to find true opportunities.  Then we bring proven, value creating processes and tools.  During this process, we focus on your people.  We help you develop your talent which dramatically increases your organizational capability.  

Selecting the right advisor is critical.  Too often advisors are family and friends who lack relevant experience, and they rarely go deep into an organization.  Also, they may not be aware of the unique challenges that exist with small and middle market companies.  Integres will bring that experience and our unique methodology to help you unlock the true value of your organization. 

Let Integres be your trusted advisor.  Contact us today!