About Us

Why We Are Unique

Integres is More Than > a Board.  We differ from traditional advisors.  The factors that make us Unique are:

Advisors - Our Advisors are made up of business professionals who have been CEO's, CFO's, Presidents, EVP's, and business owners with decades of experience in all facets of business.  Our Advisors have multi-dimensional experiences in small and middle market companies

Benefits of an Entire Board - Integres offers a group approach, covering the entire range of business challenges and decisions facing small and middle market owners.  Each Advisor is supported by our group of Advisors through our unique Peer Review Process.  Our clients receive the benefit of an entire Board.

Process - Our process is "proactive" approach that follows a proven methodology.  We go deeper into an organization than a traditional Board and spend more time through regular communications.

Execution - Our Advisors don't just sit in board meetings and "tell you" what to do.  Instead, we get to know you, your team, and your company.  We not only bring guidance and a strong outside perspective, we help you "actually do" what needs to be done!

Focus - We focus on People, Strategy and Execution.  We will help you increase your organizational capability - both talent and capital.

Toolkit - Integres brings a unique set of proven processes and tools to guide you through execution.  This increases the cycle time and delivers greater results.

Emergency Succession - Because our Advisors all have experience running companies, we can immediately provide a qualified CEO on a temporary basis if your CEO is suddenly unable to perform his/her duties.